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I had passed Paul on the road on the way to the dock. He's the one who had went out with me during the last trip. The sky was very overcast and the wind was very strong. I figure somewhere around 18-25knots. Not strong for a larger boat, but the squirt is only 10 feet long and Gander Lake can be very unforgiving this time of year. It is very deep and very cold. All summer the wind had been going the wrong direction for me to reach the main part of Gander Lake. This time it was going in the right direction but I dare not use the sail. If I tried to put up the sail in open water I would have a repeat of the last trip which was a disaster. If I tie up at the warf and try to sail off in the strong winds I could be blown into the dock. Or into a small reef of rocks if I lost control. I decided I would not be sailing today but would use the engine alone.

1355 Did voltage Check. Battery was at 12.80. 100% is 12.60

1357 Launched.

1427 Checked voltage. Voltage is 12.46. 12.4 is 75%

After this point there is no log.

I followed it into a large bay where I was fairly sheltered from the wind.

When I left the shelter of the bay I found the waves had picked up considerably. I headed back. The bow of the squirt kept being thrown into the air. Despite the fact I was manning the engine in the back of the boat I got socked to the skin, and the water was very cold. I could not move around to keep warm because I had a death grip on the engine in order to keep the squirt from turning side on to the waves. I decided on the way back that Gander Lake in Sept was no place for Little Squirt and me. This was definitely going to be her last trip for the year.

I got back to the dock and I was freezing cold. I loaded the boat onto the trailer and went home at 1552. I was some glad to get out of the wet cloths.

In case your wondering why the pictures are so blurred. I had the camera set for close-up pictures the whole time.