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It was a sunny but windy sunday morning. My darling wife was planning a trip shopping and I wanted to know when so I could plan my day around her plans. Then all of a sudden the golden words were spoken. "I don't know when I want to go, but would you like to go out in your boat now." I had the carborator cleaned out on my gas engine, but I haven't had a chance to test it. I did not have to be asked twice.

I set up Little Squirt and went down to the dock. I was on my way about 12 noon.

The gentleman who had cleaned out my engine warned me that it had a tendancy to overheat at anything but full blast, and I should run it at full whenever possible. That was fine with me and I headed toward the outflow at full speed. I got about 2/3 of the way and ran out of gas. I refuelled from the 5Lt gas can in the back of the boat and continued onward. The water was rough and I was having a blast.

I was almost up to the opening to gander lake when the water started to get rougher as I was approaching the larger part of Gander Lake. The bow was starting to dig into the water more then I was confortable with as it went over a wave the bow dug into the next wave. I decided not to take my 10 foot boat any futher into the main part of the lake and turned back. That was fun. Since I was now travelling with the wind and waves they were pushing my boat along at a nice clip. 2/3 back refuel

When I was heading back I noticed my FRS radio had fallen off my belt. Since it was not in the boat there was only one other place it could have gone. Over the side. $40.00 bites the dust.

There are a couple of buildings on the way back. I always thought they were part of Glenwood Park, but a saw a family there and I now think it is a cabin with shed. They waved at me I waved back and continued on my way.

I ran out of gas again shortly after that and put the last bit of gas from my can into the engine. It is a real glutton. I was in real danger of having to row back. However it continued to run till the dock. I even used it to go along side. I usually used the oars because the gas engine was so undependable.

I had had a successfull run with the gas engine. It ran dependably as long as it had gas. It restarted with one pull everytime except at the beginning when the engine was cold. I am very happy with the result of my trip.