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04 Oct 2005 3-IN-1

No this article is not about the stevenson's 3-in-1. Instead I have not updated my website in quite a while. I'm sitting in the basement with Jeanette. She's eating her supper and watching the Wiggles. I am writing this page in order to record the last three trips I went on. Hence 3-in-1

17-Sept-2005 Took Jeanette down to the Nepeon marina for a little trip. We arrived early in the afternoon. I always take Jeanette to the clubhouse to use the washroom before we go out onto the water. Jeanette refused to go but I had to. I didn't want to leave her alone so I went up to the urinal, and did my best to keep my back to her. I guess I didn't quite succeed because Jeanette told me I had a huge belly button. I'm not sure what that means since I was wearing a shirt. I try not to think about it. We went out onto the water and drove around for a while using the electric motor. Jeanette still won't let me use the gas engine. At one point she saw a large plane overhead. She was convinced it was the plane her grandparents left for Newfoundland for at Christmas. She kept yelling for the plane to come back. She forgot about it after a little while and we continued on our way. I let her steer for a little while. She steers a incredibly straight course for a 4 year old. Unfortunately she keeps steering towards the shore. I had to keep taking over and steering out to deeper water. Still she continued to head for shore. After a few times she got fed up with me taking over and decided she did not want to steer anymore. We were only out for about a hour when she decided she wanted to go home.

25-Sept-2005 Basically a repeat of our last trip. I wanted to burn off the gas in the engine just in case this was going to be our last trip for the year. I like to store the engine away empty. I started the engine, and Jeanette let off a scream and fled into the cabin. She kept screaming for me to turn off the engine, and yelling that her head was stuck in the storage compartment. I could clearly see that she was not stuck and was simply trying to get me to turn off the engine in order to check up on her. I only had to run the engine for about 5 minutes and once it was stopped she cheered up. On the way back to the marina she kept yelling hi. I though she was yelling at another boat that was near by. Instead it turned out she was yelling hi to a buoy we were passing.

02-Oct-2005 For the past while I had been working on a shelf area to act as a cooking area. I wanted to go out for the day. Go for a long time, and burn up the full can of gas in the shed. So if I wanted to go out for a while and burn gas taking Jeanette was out of the question. Left for the marina about 1030 and put the boat in the water.

My goal was a small island off to the north towards Petawawa. You can see it in the picture below off in the distance. I had a lot of trouble getting out. There were a lot of sail boats to maneuver around. Since I was running with the gas engine they had right of way.

I sailed for a couple of hours and stopped off for lunch. Got to try out my new kitchen and stove. It's not pretty but it did the job which is all you can really ask for. I had already passed my goal so I just stopped had lunch and headed back.

Took a picture of the island as I was passing it.

Once I burned off the gas I drove around a little while on electric.

On the way back I ran aground. I still find it a real shock when I am nowhere near shore and run aground. Espically when the water is shallow enough for me to get out push the boat back into deeper water and not get my shorts wet. I then went back to the dock and drove home.