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Well I've gotten the Squirt out of storage a few days ago and am starting on the latest refit. I've decided to finally put a layer of fibreglass around the chime. I've been using a heat gun, and scrapper to take off the paint around the chimes it is a very slow process. Heat a few inches, then scrap, etc,etc. I suppose I could use a chemical paint remover, but I'm afraid any residue left over from the chemical may interfer with the fibreglass when it is applied.

I've purchased a polyester based fibreglass repair kit from Canadian Tire. I don't believe in using polyester based products. I beleive they shorten the life of the boat, however since I'm only doing the chimes with it I beleive that I won't have to worry about water being trapped between the fibreglass and the wood. The surface area is too small with untreated wood around it that the water can get out through.

Once I've gotten the paint off the chimes I'm going to fill in the worst areas with marine filler I have then I'll fibreglass coat the chimes. I'm also removing any paint that is starting to crack or peel and well repait those areas.

I'll keep you informed.

08-MAY-04 Today I'm starting the fibreglassin of the chimes. This is the before picture

First I filled the seams with marine filler. Once it dried hard I sanded it with my belt sander.

14-May-2004 Borrowed some tentage from work whick I intend to use to finisish my Pocket Cruiser. I also took two weeks leave. I got off for the afternoon and set up the tentage. Before I start on my Pocket Cruiser I plan on finisishing the 3-in-1. My wife and myself moved it into the tent and I got some water and scrubbed it down. The next step is too apply the fibreglass to the chimes.

17-May-2004 The cloth I have with the kit is the wrong type. It is the mat and not the cloth. It won't wrap around the chimes properly. Because of this I have decided not to use it. Because my problem is that the sealant I used is breaking down I have decided just to use the polyester sealant and not to worry about the cloth. I applied the sealant Saturday morning, however it has still not set entirely. It is still wet in spots. I believe that this is due to the humidity. It has been wet with slight rain since early saturday morning. I will wait for it too fully dry before sanding and applying a new thin final coat.

I have applied the final coat of polyester.

19-May-04 Finally here is Little Squirt's bottum with two new coats of paint