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16-Apr-06 Went to the compound to set up Little Squirt Too for the coming year. I took Jeanette along who is now four. We removed the two tarps and cleaned up the water that had built up in the cockpit and one the the storage lockers in the cabin. How the water keeps getting into the boat is a complete mystery to me. You can't seem to win. Well there was no harm done and once everything was cleared up we took a break and had a drink of water from a couple of bottles I had bought along. Of course Jeanette tipped her bottle over and out came the mop again to get more water out of the boat.

While I dragged the batteries over to the boat Jeanette got a stick and a bungie cord. She hooked the bungie cord onto the stick and hung it over the side of the boat like a fishing pole. She fished and I started to put in the batteries. There is something you need to know about Jeanette. Like most four year olds she requires constant attention. Normally that is not a problem. I love having her around when I am doing something. However she is very distracting. While doing the wiring for the batteries Jeanette kept interrupting me for this and that. It's a fascinating sight when you hook the positive terminal of a 12 volt battery directly to the negative. You get pretty sparks and when the rubber starts to burn it is such a pretty flame. However pretty is is I don't recommend doing it deliberately. I wasn't angry at Jeanette. It was my own stupidity, but it was obvious that I would need to take her home until I got the more deleicate parts of the project finsihed. I bought her back to the house explaining to her that she didn't do anything wrong but Daddy needed to concentrate on what he was doing. I then went back to the boat and repaired the minor damage caused by the fire. I then finished putting everything in that was required for me to go out on the water, and tested the electric motor. Everything worked fine. Little Squirt Too is now ready for 2006.