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Took Little Squirt out for her second trip. Have enstalled two rope shrouds. Mast immediately stretched the line and the mast happily bent as much as without them. Winds are very light. Still having lots of trouble setting up. I ordered a boat conversion kit for my trailor so that there is more room and I can set up before putting the boat in the water. Launched the boat and put up the sail. What little wind there was immediately stopped. Tried to sail around but the wind was gone. Took down the sail and set up the oars. Rowed around a little till the wind picked up a little. Sailed for a few minutes but the time was approaching where I had to quit. Took down the sail and put the boat on the trailor and drove home. The boom came loose off the trailor and broke. I will have too repair it before the next trip.

You’ll notice the loose shroud on the right. The boat is pointing into the wind so the mast is fairly straight. Probably the only time. You will also notice the compartment doors on the front are open. I got tired of the daggerboard floating up, and opened the doors. I then tied a rope around one door over the daggerboard box so it would hold down the daggerboard and secured it to the other door. Since then I have gotten a bungie cord which just connects to the top of the daggerboard box.

Lessions Learned.

1. Make sure everything is tied tight before driving anywhere with the boat on the trailer. Lots of knots mean you need lots of care.

2. There is nothing more frustrating them being becalmed.