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Little Squirt Too Bulkheads/Transom

12-Dec-02 Received a 3/8 and a 1/2 sheet of select plywood for building the bulkheads.

15-Dec-02 Took a 3/8" sheet of plywood and lofted the transom and the forward bulkhead. I have read some references to these pieces not quite fitting when they are mounted so I am going to leave a few inches on the sides(Note from 24Dec03. Leaving this extra space extra is not necessary if you are going to line up the angle for the transom the way I am doing it. Just cut the piece according to plans.). That way I can cut them to fit when I install them. I can't cut the pieces out now because the baby is having a nap.

16-Dec-02 Cut out the transom and forward bulkhead. Am going to use the plywood I cut out of the forward bulkhead to make doors. I like the idea of a little extra buyancy if the cabin is flooded.

18-Dec-02 Finished the forward bulkhead and the doors. Note the extra uncut area on the sides. I will cut this off when the bottum is done and I am installing these bulkheads. This way I can cut to size. I also started lofting the cabin bulkhead. I moved the points at the top of the cabin from 16 inches to 14 1/2 inches. This is too leave more room on the bulkhead for the solar cells. I also did not loft the holes at the bottum for the feet to go in. I plan one not putting them in but in having this space as a extra locker in the cockpit.

20-Dec-02 Cut out Cabin Bulkhead. Decided to make cabin roof 3 inches higher. Raised curve at top 3 inches. I will also have to raise the seats, Tiller hole, and either make the mast 3 inches higher or the sail 3 inches smaller. We'll see.

24-Dec-2003 Have put the stringers on the forward Bulkhead. Because of the small angle of the bulkhead which is only 2 degrees from the perpendicular. I just attached the ordinary stringes using the 90 degree angle, and used a sure form shaper to make the two degree angle.

I then cut the notches for the stringes on the top and bottom deck to go into. I made a mistake with one the the angles and cut it the wrong way. It is a very easy mistake to make. I smothered the piece I had cut off with glue and held it in place with a finishing nail to hold it till the glue dried. Below you'll find a picture of my repair and the finished bulkhead. Still have to fill in the screw holes.

24-Dec-03 Put trim around inside of hatchway in aft bulkhead. This will support the slide in door once I put in the external trim. It also gives badly needed strength to the door. I plan to put the external trim on with small pieces of playwood to create gaps that water can flow out through so it does not get trapped in this space and cause small amounts of water to enter the cabin.

26-Dec-2003 Started by taking a 2 1/2 inch strip of 1 inch spruce to make the gusset which joins the Aft Cabin bulkhead to the bottom. Used a jig saw to cut it to the proper shape to fit it in place. The plans say that the Aft bulkhead is mounted at a 71 deg angle which means the saw must be set for 19 deg(90 - 71). I messed up the angle of the cut again, but this time there is no harm done. I just have to flip the boad over. The Glue side is now the non-glue side and visa virsa. I now have to glue and screw the board. I am using all 3/4 inch screws to attach the gusset to the bulkhead. Im will use longer screws attaching the bottum to the gusset.

I am now attaching the gossetts on the top of the Aft bulkheads which the top deck will rest on. They are cut at the same angle as the gussett attaching the AFT bulkhead to the Bottom. Once I have done this I will screw and glue with my 3/4 inch screws.

06-Feb-04 Put stringers on the Transom.