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This site is devoted to my love of boats. It is a collection of information concerning boats I have built, boats I've considered building, or just boats I love.

14-Aug-2016 Tried to explain problem installing side panels on Little Squirt 3 Assembly Page

7-Sept-2016 Added to Costs for Little Squirt 3 on Little Squirt 3 Main. Added to Little Squirt 3 Assembly Page

8-Sept-2016 Added Propulsion Page to Little Squirt 3 Area

12-Sept-2016 Finished Primer on top half and inside of boat.

21-Sept-2016 Finished Assembling Little Squirt 3

25-Sept-2016 Updated Little Squirt 3 Propulsion. Took Little Squirt 3 out ON FIRST TRIP. Created Little Squirt 3 Adventrues Page.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a expert in any area of expertise covered on this site. What I record is from information I have found in my research or what I have discovered through personal experiance. I try to be accurate however I do not take any respnsiblity for any use of the information on this site. Please also note that my stories about my boating trips are more historical information then technical. Therefore in any stories I post about my boating adventures I will not correct or change these stories even if I later find that something is incorrect. For example I refer to watts as amps in a lot of these stories, and I have discovered that Glenwood Park does not extend to the lake and the spot I refer to as Glenwood Park is just a couple of cabins in the right area.