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Plans for this boat are available from Stevenson Projects. Overall I found this to be a fun boat. It is a joy weather you are rowing, sailing, or motoring. This boat is a excellant craft for people who just want to have fun on the water. I don't regret building this boat for one minute.

Now for the bad news. The plans do not recommend a fibreglass coating. They just recommend paint for protection. I have found this to be inadequate. The paint cracks and peels all over, but the chimes are especially bad. At the very least you need to fibreglass the chimes.

I have found that the motor mount is too small to tilt a gas motor out of the water. I've tried two different engines. A 3.5HP and a 4HP. This causes a problem when you need to get it out in a hurry such as in shallow water. I have to remove it completely from the boat when not in use. I bought a 36lb Min-Kota trolling motor and it won't fit in the mount at all. The mounting bolts are too long. My custom motor mount is intended to solve this problem. However my mount is probably only light duty. I wouldn't put anymore then a electric on it.

Original Squirt-She is the inspiration for the name of my little boat.

These pictures are from my First Cruises. I do not count these little excursions as real cruises so you won’t find any mention of them in the adventures of the 3-in-1 section. I had not yet finished the sailing gear at the time so I still had to row everywhere. At this stage my 3-in-1 is as close to the plans as it ever will be. The only modifications are some strips of wood in the forward compartment which will act as door stops. The doors are not yet installed..

My Newly completed hardly modified at all 3-in-1

My father-in-Law helping my Mother-in-Law into the boat. She is the only one who ever goes out with me. Small boats make most people nervous. If you look closely you can see the wood strips around the door openings which will act as door stops.

Vivian and myself on the outflow of Gander lake. I had to borrow the oars.

Yet another picture of Viv and me on the lake. This picture and the preceding ones were all taken on the same outing. It is the only time I ever got someone to come with me to take the pictures from the shore. It is also the first time Little Squirt was ever in the water.

This is my 3-in-1 after I installed the doors. I made the doors out of wood, which was cut away when making the openings in the forward bulkhead.

This picture is the first time I ever raised the sail on the Little Squirt. The PVC mast proved to be unsuitable and had to be replaced. The previous pictures were taken in the summer and fall of 2001. This picture was taken in mid to late June of 2002.